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Canara Bank is widely known for its customer-centric approach. It has tied up with both VISA and MasterCard organizations for Credit Cards, both are known internationally and has its presence in most of the countries across the world. The existing bank account holders will be provided with both the debit and credit cards at the time of opening of the savings account with the Bank. The credit cards provided by the bank can be used for general domestic purposes. The global credit card will be issued after the card-holder expresses request to do so.

List of Canara Bank Credit Cards

About Canara Bank

Canara Bank is one of the premier commercial banks in India.

It has a distinct track record in the service of India for more than glorious 111 years. It is headquartered in Bengaluru.digit

Currently, it has its presence through 6179 branches and 9743 ATMs catering to all the segments of the society. It has a clientele accounts base of whopping 8.18 crore. Apart from the bank's operations in the domestic country, it has its presence in overseas branches located at London, Shanghai, New York, Leicester, Manama, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, DIFC (Dubai) and a representative office at Sharjah, UAE.

Canara Bank was founded as ‘Canara Bank Hindu Permanent Fund’ in the year 1906 by late Shri Ammembal Subba Rao Pai. It became a limited company as ‘Canara Bank Ltd’ in 1910 and later became Canara Bank in the year 1969 post nationalization.

Features of Canara Bank Credit Card

?? SMS Alerts – Free SMS alerts will be provided on all the transactions. One has to provide a mobile phone number for activating this facility.

? Reward Programme – The bank has tie ups with M/s Loyalty Rewardz Programme. It provides rewards points for every purchase transactions of Rs 100 and above. The value of one reward point is Re 0.25. A dedicated website for registration, viewing the accumulated reward points and redemption of the accumulated points is available at www.canararewardz.com. An individual can earn more reward points under ‘Maxgetmore’ programme.

? Zero Lost Card Liability – In case of loss or mutilation of a credit card, the same will be replaced at free of cost without charging anything from the cardholder, for transactions in excess of Rs 2,000 from the time they report the loss of the card to the bank at the following address in writing. The cardholder will be liable for all the charges incurred on the card before they report about the loss of their respective credit card.

? Accident Insurance – Canara Bank provides free accident insurance facilities to the cardholders. It provides accident insurance cover to both the cardholder and spouse against the risk of death. The cardholders are covered against risk of death due to accident and air crash free of cost. Upon accidental death, the cover will be first utilized to offset the balance outstanding on the Canara Credit Card. Any balance of the cover remaining will later be paid to the credit card-holder's nominee.

? Card Protection – Canara Bank provides card protection in case of a loss of credit card, the liability is restricted to Rs 1,000 from the time of reporting the case to the bank.

Benefits of Canara Bank Credit Card

? Advance Cash – Canara Bank provides advance cash withdrawal limit up to 50% of your card limit (Maximum of Rs 50,000 only). The cash withdrawal charges is only Rs 30 per thousand.

? No Annual Fees – Canara Bank does not charge any kind of annual fee on any of its credit cards from the customers. This is a huge benefit from the customer's point of view as they need not have to pay any kind of enrollment fee for the entire lifespan of usage of credit card.

? Free Credit Period – Canara Bank provides free credit period for 20-50 days for credit cardholders. No interest on cash withdrawal will be levied if the dues are paid within the due date. If the dues are not paid within the due date interest will be charged starting from the due date and not from the date of cash withdrawal. So it is better to pay off dues before the set due date.

? Revolving Payment System – Canara Bank provides revolving payment systems to the credit cardholders. This facility provides an option to pay the bill as per the user's convenience. The minimum due amount is calculated as 5% of the bill amount. The cardholder can pay the minimum due amount of the bill at the time of purchase and the remaining amount can be carried forward along with the interest.

? Liberal Card Limit – Canara Bank provides benevolent credit limit to its customers. It will be based on the gross annual income of the cardholder. The cardholder is eligible to get up to 30% of the gross Non Agencyannual income as the card limit. The fixing of credit limit is at the sole discretion of Canara Bank.

Apply For Canara Bank Credit Card

The fastest way to apply for securing a Canara Bank’s Credit Card is to apply through the bank's web portal?


Visit the nearest Canara Bank’s Branch and apply for CanaraBank’s Credit Card.

How To Apply For Canara Bank Credit Card via Offline?

An individual has to walk into the nearest Canara Bank branch and meet the customer executive and express the desire to obtain the credit card of the bank. The customer will explain the various credit cards of the bank after ascertaining the annual income of the individual. The customer can choose the card of his/her choice based on the requirements. Following which they will be provided with a Canara Credit Card application form which they have to fill up and submit the same along with the required documents as mentioned in the application form of Canara Bank.

On receipt of the application form from the prospective customer, the bank executives will go through the application form supported by relevant documents and check the authenticity of the submitted documents. Once the bank has completed all the formalities, it may or may not issue a credit card to the prospective customer. It is solely at the discretion of the bank to issue a credit card to the individual.

?How To Apply For Canara Bank Credit Card via Online?

? An existing customer of the bank can visit the bank’s net banking web site?

? Login to the net banking account using the user id and password

? You can directly apply online seeking a credit card

? Fill in the Credit Card Application Form online

? On receiving the request from the customers, the bank executives will give a call to the customer and will ask them to submit the required documents

? Upon the receipt of the required documents and the scrutiny of the same, the bank may or may not issue a credit card to the customer.

It is solely at the discretion of the bank to issue a credit card to an individual.

?Eligibility Criteria to apply for Canara Bank’s Credit Card

? An individual should be resident of India.

? An individual should have attained 18 years of age at the time of applying for credit card.

? An individual should have a good credit history.

? An individual should have a good CIBIL score.

? An existing account holder of Canara Bank will be given preference.

? An individual should have satisfactory dealings with Canara Bank with an associated bank’s branch.

? An individual should have a permanent source of income.

? An individual should have a minimum income of Rs 1 lakh per annum.

Required Documents for Canara Bank’s Credit Card

? Passport size photograph

? A copy of PAN card

? If a customer is an NRI, then Passport is required

? Income Proof – Form 16/ latest Salary slips/ Salary Certificate

? Identity Proof – Bank account Statement / Election Voters ID/ Driving license / Aadhaar Card / Ration Card

? Address Proof – Passport / Driving License / Election Voters ID / Ration Card / Rental Agreement / Bank account Statement

Why Choose Canara Bank’s Credit Card?

?? Better Usage – Domestic and Global Purpose

?The Canara Bank’s cards are issued with variants which are permitted for both domestic as well as foreign usage. The cards can be used for the domestic purpose and it is accepted throughout India and the value of the transaction will be in terms of Indian Rupee.

The global credit cards have EMV compliant chip card embedded in the credit card and hence it is valid to use the card both in India as well as abroad. The chip contains vital data in an encrypted format to facilitate authorization. The card manages protection against skimming.

The Canara Bank’s Credit Card for domestic usage is a default card, which will be issued to everyone whoever wants to secure a credit card. In this case, the cardholder does not request for the issuance of the global card. The Canara Bank’s Global Credit Card is issued to the customer only after receiving a specific request from the interested cardholder.

? Revolving Payment Facility – Canara Bank provides revolving payment facility to its customers which is a unique kind of feature in credit card category. You can buy anything now using your credit card and just pay a minimum of 5% of the total bill amount and the balance can be paid later at a specified charge of 2.5% per month (30% per annum). Note: This facility is not available for Canara Bank’s Corporate Credit Card.

? Card Association – Canara Bank’s Credit Cards are issued in association with VISA and MasterCard, both are internationally known card associations. Both VISA and MasterCard facilitate electronic fund transfers throughout the world within a matter of few seconds to minutes for each and every transaction. The association of Canara Bank’s Credit cards with these association provides more acceptability and dependability since both have gained more acceptance all over the world.

How To Use Canara Bank’s Credit Card?

One can present the credit card at the time of paying for the purchase or the services, against the bill. The Merchant Establishment will prepare a sales slip based on the number of products purchased or services rendered.

Before paying the bill, always verify the total amount of the bill. There is usually a provision for ‘tips’ miscellaneous items and so on. If required then fill in this section and bring down the total. Sign in the space provided.

You may be given a copy of the bill and asked to sign on the sales slip of any of the VISA/ MasterCard member bank. These formats may differ but the basic contents of these slips will remain the same. The merchandise establishments will return your copy of the bill and the sales slip for your record along with your respective credit card.

How To Close Canara Bank’s Credit Card?

The Credit Cardholder can close the card account by writing to the Canara Bank’s Customer Relation Section – addressing to, The Manager, Canara Bank, Card Division, Customer relation Section, Transaction Booking Wing, Naveen Complex, 14, MG Road, Bangalore – 560001


An individual can call the Canara Bank’s customer care executive at toll free number at 1800-425-0018 or 080-25318423 or Board number 080-25584040 or Extension: 080-25584410/ 080-25584423/ 080-25584476.

The cardholder can also send an email to hocancard@canarabank.com and mention the intention to close the credit card.

After informing the executive your intention to close the credit card, the cardholder is required to cut the credit card diagonally.

The closure of the credit card will be effective only after payment of all the dues are made by the cardholder.

Canara Bank Credit Card Login

Through Canara Bank Net Banking services, Login with your Net Banking Id, Password and explore a world of convenience just with a few taps. Applicants can use unique benefits like high security for safe online banking, view the details for all your accounts, online password regeneration & unlock user-id instantly. Get all updates and offers on your credit card which is specially designed for you. Access all the features and get minimum interest rates on your credit card with flexible repayment option. No matter where you are just with your Canara Bank NetBanking Id and Password you can explore the world of benefits and offers anytime anywhere. Scroll down and get to know the features and benefits of Canara Bank Credit Card Login and how to use it.


  • Get instant EMI facility
  • Get Cash on EMI feature on your credit card that gives you a convenient way to borrow cash and repay in instalments.
  • Get Balance Transfer on EMI feature that allows you to transfer the outstanding balance from other bank credit cards to your Canara Bank Credit Card
  • Get Loan on Phone facility to easily buy home appliances as per your choice.
  • Get Balance Conversion facility on your credit card which allows you to shop today and pay later.
  • Get an additional level of security on your online payments.
  • Manage your credit card through Canara Bank Online banking services.

Benefits you get after Login

  • Check your credit card score
  • Get 24x7 customer service
  • Check the status for newly applied credit card
  • Get access to track your lost or stolen credit card
  • Get access to credit card visa transfer feature
  • You can view/download your credit card statement
  • Get access to see your transaction limits and charges
  • Get notification about your next credit card payment date.
  • Get all personalized alerts and reminders
  • Download PDF statement of your last 6 months spending history
  • Get notified on purchase and spends
  • View your recent transactions 24x7
  • Stay updated with your reward points balance
  • Personalize notifications for purchases, weekly balance, credit limit and more
  • Easily change your ATM PIN
  • Get access to special services like Cash on call, Dial on EMI
  • Get 100% online security on your card
  • Get access to credit card hotlisting
  • Manage your international travel details
  • Increase your credit limit and also upgrade your credit card.

How to Register

  • Visit the Canara Bank Credit Card portal
  • Click on Register
  • Enter your Mobile Number, Last 4 digit of your card, verification code and click on Nest to generate OTP
  • On the next page enter your date of birth, OTP and click on next
  • Now choose your User Id, Password and click on Submit

How to Login

  • Visit the Canara Bank Credit Card portal
  • Enter your Username, Password and click on Login
  • Explore the online benefits offered by Canara Bank

Canara Bank Credit Card Payment

It is the platform where you can manage your credit card in easy and smart way. Make your day to day needs more convenient and secure. Get notified for your credit card dues and pay instantly. Get 24x7 customer support for your credit card issues or complaints. Manage your reward points and redeem them, no matter where you are.

So what are you waiting for?

Scroll down and know all the benefits of Canara Bank Credit Card Payment

Who can avail Canara Bank Credit Card Payment?

  • All non-individual customers
  • Small business enterprises
  • Firms
  • Trusts
  • Institutions
  • Government organizations
  • Corporates
  • Public Sector Undertakings
  • Non-Agency Banks
  • Sole Proprietors

Benefits of Canara Bank Credit Card Payment

  • Track all your transactions in one platform
  • Get access to your account 24x7
  • Manage and view cash and credit limits, billed and unbilled transactions, due dates, reward points
  • Increase your credit card limit and upgrade your card
  • Pay all your dues or transfer money through NEFT, RTGS or IMPS
  • Pay utility bills or recharge your mobile through easy Billpay service
  • Get online deposit products (Fixed, Recurring, Flexi, Tax Saving etc.)
  • Setup Standing Instructions and Scheduling payments
  • Get a simple convenient and secure to pay your bills
  • Get 24x7 customer support
  • Get email notification for all your transaction

How to Register for Canara Bank Credit Card Payment?

  • Visit the site https://payments.billdesk.com/pb/canara/
  • Click on Register Now and enter all the mandated details
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Review all the entered details and click on Submit
  • On the next page, you can see the successful message on the screen

How to Pay with Canara Bank Credit Card?

  • Visit the site https://payments.billdesk.com/pb/canara/
  • Select your location, under the drop-down section of Select Biller Location and click on Go
  • Select your type of Bill Pay and click on Quick Pay
  • Enter all the required details and click on Submit

How to Pay Canara Bank Credit Card Bill

Credit cards have been a very valuable method for individuals to achieve their regular purchases such as paying electricity bills, paying telephone bills, visiting grocery stores, etc. The days have gone where credit cards have been used exclusively to buy flight tickets or related large purchases. Individuals have already learned how to use credit cards to transfer cash, and so many have several cards from different banks to take advantage of the increasing benefits of the credit card. Canara Bank delivers some of the industry's finest credit cards. The bank offers personalized credit cards that appeal to different customers with their varying desires, whether it be shopping, dining, travel, or corporate cards.

Canara Bank cards provide unique rewards and advantages on each card although some cards allow an incredible amount of cashback on specific purchases and some cards offer reward points that can be redeemed later against an exciting range of products provided by the Canara Bank. Canara Bank even delivers several options to manage and repay option which can be preferred by the consumer as per the usability. The two key choices are categorized as online and offline payment options and are also divided as several services that can be accessed by a consumer to clear their credit card pending dues.?

Canara Bank Credit Card Statement

The credit card statement from Canara Bank is a key financial document that provides insight into the overall purchases made with the card during the last billing cycle. Canara Bank Credit Card Statement contains the following details:

  • Billing date for payment
  • Total Amount Due
  • Transaction details made in the billing cycle
  • Active EMIs
  • Account Summary
  • Reward Points earned
  • Opening and Closing Balance of reward points
  • Disbursed reward points
  • Adjusted reward points

The account overview tab is further is divided split into two parts, the first part shows the details of previous month's balance, payments, purchases, balance transfers, cash advances, fees and interest rate charged in that month. The second tab specifies the current balance, available credit, closing date of the statement and the billing cycle days.

How to check Canara Bank Credit Card Statement?

Applicants can go through both online and offline process. Below given are the step by step tutorial for the process.

Through NetBanking

  • Visit to the Canara Bank site
  • Click on NetBanking, which is located on the top bar of the page
  • Enter your Netbanking User Id and Password
  • Below that enter the captcha code and click on Sign In
  • Now view or download the statement of your credit card

Through Canara Bank Mobile App

  • Open your Canara Bank Mobile App
  • Click on account section
  • Click on view account statement
  • The statement includes the balance, limit, due date other details relevant to your credit card

Through Email Facility

Register your email id with Canara Bank and get your credit card statement monthly. To register, send your email id and credit card number to hocancard@canarabank.com

Offline Process

  • Applicants can call directly to the customer care service number 1800 425 0018 to know credit card related details.
  • Apart from this applicants can also go to the nearest Canara Bank Atm or branch to check all the details related to the credit card

Canara Bank Credit Card Status

Applicants applied for Canara Credit Card can track the status of their application through the below-given process. Track your credit card status by your application number and date of birth. Scroll down and go through the tutorial to make the process complete.

Online Process to check Canara Bank Credit Card Status

  • Visit to the Canara Bank Credit Card website
  • Click on NetBankinhg
  • Enter your Username and Password to Login
  • Enter your Application Reference Number of Form Number
  • Click on submit and check the status of your credit card application

Offline Process to check Canara Credit Card Status

Apart from the online process applicants can also go through offline process to check their credit card status. Below given process are to track Canara Credit Card status via offline

Call on the helpline numbers: 1800-425-0018

Status Details of Canara Credit Card

In-progress: When the application is still in process, you will get the status as ‘In progress’.

On-hold: You will receive ‘On-hold’ status, if you have submitted any incomplete documentation or details.

Approved: You will find the ‘Approved’ status, once your application has been approved. You will receive your card to the address mentioned in the application form.

Dispatched: Once your card is dispatched, Dispatched status show on the screen. It will take 2-3 business days to deliver your card at your doorstep.

Disapproved: A ‘Disapproved’ status displayed when your application has been rejected. This happens when you cannot meet the eligibility criteria of the credit card.

No records found: If you enter any incorrect details, the screen will display ‘No records found’ status. Re-enter the correct details to get the status complete status.

Canara Bank Credit Card PIN Generation

To avail the unique benefits of ATM transaction like withdrawing cash, view the details for all your accounts, online password regeneration, transfer money and much more, applicants are required to generate PIN for the Net Banking and ATM facility provided Canara Bank. Below given steps are for online PIN Generation. Go through all the steps to make your process complete

Canara Bank Credit Card PIN Generation through ATM

  • Visit the nearest ATM and insert your credit card in the ATM
  • Select your preferred language to begin the process
  • Click on Create PIN Using OTP
  • Now you will receive an OTP, on your registered mobile number
  • Enter the OTP on the required section
  • Now you can enter the 4-digit PIN of your choice
  • Retype the Pin on the required section and click on Submit
  • Now you will get a successful message on your registered mobile number

Canara Bank Credit Card PIN Generation through Net Banking

  • Visit the site https://www.canarabank.com/english/bank-services/personal-banking/card-services/
  • Click on Net Banking, which is located on the right bar of the page
  • Log in to your account with your Net Banking Id and Password
  • Click on the credit card option and on the next page click on Change PIN
  • Now you will receive an OTP, on your registered mobile number
  • Enter the OTP on the required section
  • Now you can enter the 4-digit PIN of your choice
  • Retype the Pin on the required section and click on Submit
  • Now you will see a successful message on the screen


  • To generate your Canara Bank Credit Card PIN, your mobile number must be registered with the bank. Please contact your Canara Bank branch__ for registering mobile number if not registered already.
  • In case, you are not able to generate Credit Card PIN, please contact the branch or call contact Center helpline 1800 425 0018 for requesting physical PIN mailer.

Canara Bank Credit Card App

Canara Saathi or Canara Bank Credit Card App is a self-service mobile app for the Canara Bank credit cardholders which allows you to take complete access to all your credit card information and services.?

Benefits of Canara Credit Card App

  • View all your credit card information and transactions.
  • Get e-statement for all your credit card transaction.
  • Make your credit card payment with easy EMI facility.
  • Upgrade your credit card limit and make more seamless transactions.
  • In case of any fraudulent activity, report your lost credit card and block the card instantly.?
  • Replace your old credit card with a new one with card replacement request
  • Change your credit card pin, anytime anywhere to keep your card secure
  • Know Canara credit card offers at one place
  • Manage your all Canara Bank accounts at one place
  • Get access to request for a loan and get the loan instantly with minimum interest rates.?
  • Check your passbook and manage your monthly transactions
  • Transfer your fund from one bank to another more conveniently and various Canara Payment options
  • Get notified for your credit card dues and transactions?
  • Get access to pay all your bills such as?Insurance, DTH Bills, Mobile Bills and Utility Bills at one place with?Canara Saathi?
  • Get 24x7 customer support and email option
  • Check your credit card status
  • Stay updated with your reward points balance and redeem it wherever you want
  • Get personalize notifications for purchases, weekly balance, credit limit and more
  • Get 100% online security on your card
  • Add or manage beneficiary as per you want.

Register and Download Canara Bank Credit Card App

  • Go to Playstore or Appstore and search for Canara Saathi
  • Tap on the install icon and download the app
  • Open the app and tap on First Time User? Register Here
  • Enter your registered mobile number and last 4 digits of your credit card
  • Now you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number
  • Enter the OTP on the required section and click on Next
  • Now enter your Date of Birth and OTP on the required section
  • Click on next for the further process
  • Choose your Username and Password
  • Retype the password on the required section and tap on Submit
  • On the next page, you will see the congratulation message on your mobile screen

How To Check Canara Bank Credit Card Balance

Canara Bank, with headquarters in Bengaluru, is a public sector bank operated by the Government of India. The bank has a limited but growing credit card customer base to which it has been catering for a number of years with a range of deals. Knowing the balance is really necessary for every credit card. Let's know the various process to check the balance of Canara Bank Credit Card.

Process to check Canara Bank Credit Card Balance via Net Banking

Netbanking makes life easy for everybody. Besides helping you to do specific online banking transactions, you can even check your online credit card balance. If you are already a holder of a Canara Bank account and have applied for a credit card from the bank, the card would be linked to the net banking portal. In case your card is not linked with the net banking service, you have to link it manually.

  • Visit the Canara Bank Credit Card portal and login with your net banking id and password
  • Go to the card section and select your credit card
  • Click on the card for which you want to check the balance and you will see the balance instantly.

Process to check Canara Bank Credit Card Balance via Customer Care Service

You can contact customer service at 1800 425 0018, to get your credit card balance. Additionally, you can also send a message at hocancard@canarabank.com?to get your credit card balance. Once you sent the mail you will get the information and the steps with the follow-up email from the bank instantly.

Canara Bank Credit Card Reward

Canara Rewardz is the Loyalty Plan for Canara Bank to render the banking experience exclusive and extremely satisfying for all Credit Card customers at Canara Bank. With every Rs.100 earned using your credit card, the program grants 2 loyalty points. The points are rewarded for transactions in multiples of Rs.100. One can earn a reward by making payments to buy a product or pay for a service. As a credit cardholder for Canara Bank, you are auto-registered in this program and can earn rewards for all your transactions.

Validity Period of the Rewards

Reward points generated with a validity period of 3 months. if the applicant fails to redeem the accumulated reward points before the valid period the rewards will lapse.

How to earn Canara Bank Credit Card Reward Points

Canara Bank auto-enrolls all holders of credit cards as members of the Canara Rewardz program. With one credit card, you will only get a single membership in the program. You need to trigger your account in order to access or redeem your reward points. Visit the website of the loyalty program to trigger the account and click the option 'First Time User'. To redeem the reward points you have to enter your credit card number and OTP received on your registered mobile number. After that verify your personal details and start redeeming the reward points. You earn Reward Points every time you swipe the credit card to make a purchase.

Spent Rs 100 and get 2 reward points for your purchase in all categories. The accrued points can be redeemed on apparel, gadgets, jewelry, home decor, appliances and much more. Canara Bank has collaborated with Max Get More outlets. If you make a purchase at this outlet using the credit card, your reward points are multiplied. You get 2 reward points for every Rs. 100 spent on the credit card. Points are rewarded in multiples of Rs 100 for transactions. The Reward points are effective for a 36-month span, except for the month of accrual. The value of one point of reward is Rs 0.25.?

How to encash reward points

For Cashback

  • The minimum redeemable reward points accepted for cashback is fixed at 1000 reward points and in multiples of 100 thereof
  • The reward points are redeemable on a quarterly basis.

For Purchase of Goods and Services

  • The minimum redeemable reward points accepted for the purchase of goods and services is fixed at 100 reward points.
  • The reward points are redeemable on a regular basis.

Canara Bank Rewards Catalogue

  • Spend at POTHYS Aalayam of Skills and earn 4 reward points
  • Spend at GRT Jewellers and get 4 reward points
  • Spend at C.KRISHNIAH CHETTY AND SONS to earn 4 reward points
  • Spend at PAI International and get 2 reward points
  • Spend at ORRA Jewellers and get 4 reward points
  • Spend at LOTTO and get 4 points
  • Spend at Malabar Gold & Diamonds to get 2x reward points
  • Spend at Arambagh's Food Mart and get 2 reward points
  • Spend at Prestige Exclusive and get 4 reward points
  • Spend at Prince Jewellers and earn 4 points
  • Spend at Nilkamal and get 2x points
  • Shop at BLACKBERRY and get 3x reward points
  • Spend at The Cascade THE CHINESE KITCHEN and get 4 reward points
  • Shop at Nature's Basket and earn 2 reward points
  • Book your ride at Savaari Car Rentals and get 2 reward points
  • Shop at Reliance Trends and get 2x reward points
  • Shop at Mahavir Home Store and get 4 reward points

Canara Bank Credit Card Charges

Below given are the applicable charges to use Canara Bank VISA Classic / MASTERCARD Standard Credit Card:

  • Joining Charges- Nil
  • Annual Charges-Nil
  • Supplementary Card Fees- Nil
  • Fees for Revolved Amount- 2.5% per month
  • Minimum due- 5% subject to Rs. 100 minimum
  • Cash advance fees at Canara Bank ATMs- 3% of the transaction amount or a minimum of Rs. 30
  • Late payment charges- 2% of the amount subject to a minimum of Rs. 10 and a maximum of Rs. 150.
  • Card inactive fees- Rs. 400 if spend Rs 12000 or more in the card year
  • Add on Card inactivity fees- Rs 300 if spend Rs 12000 or more in the card year
  • Card inactive fees for Canara Card Gold (Main & Add on)- Rs 750 if the card turnover is less than Rs 25000 in the card year
  • EMV Card- Rs 250
  • Card enrollment fees for Canara Card Visa corporate? (Main card)- Rs 250
  • Annual fees for Canara Card Visa corporate (Only for Add on cards)- Rs 400
  • Interest free credit period- Up to 50 days
  • Dishonoured cheque Fees- Rs 50
  • Card replacement fees- Nil
  • Foreign currency transaction fees- 3%
  • Duplicate statement fees- Rs 10 per usage
  • Copy for chargeslip fees- Rs 100
  • Chargeslip fees if processed by the Canara Bank- USD 2.00
  • Chargeslip fees if processed by other bank- USD 6.00
  • Collection fees for outstation cheques- Rs 100
  • Fees in respect of notices reminders sent to cardholders having overdue- Rs 50
  • Late Payment Fees- 2% Minimum - Rs. 10/-. Maximum - Rs. 150/- (For Revolver)
  • Late Payment Fees- 2% Minimum Rs. 20/- Maximum - Rs. 300/- (For Non Revolver)
  • First return of FTV: Rs 100
  • Each Subsequent return of FTV: Rs 300

Canara Bank Credit Card IFSC Code

Canara Bank IFSC Code is an 11-digit alphanumeric code that is used by all three main forms of electronic fund transfer systems such as NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS. The Indian Financial System Code, also known as IFSC, consists of both alphabets and numerical and is used primarily to simplify the money transfer process. All banks in India are distributed and issued IFSC codes by Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

This 11-digit unique code comes with three parts. For eg, CNRBOOO3424 is the IFSC code for a branch of Canara Bank Dehgam in Gujarat, Ahmedabad. The first four letters of code 'CNBR' here indicate the name of the bank, and the fifth digit '0' is left aside for future use. By contrast, the next six digits '003424' states the branch addressed, which in this case is the branch of Dehgam. For the Amreli branch, the IFSC code is CNBRB003429 whereas the branch code for Chandigarh is CNRB0005144.

Canara Bank Credit Card Customer Care

Call on the below-given toll-free number to solve your any credit card related query.

For Master Credit Cards- 1800 425 0018

For VISA Credit Cards- 1800 222 884

Apart from this, you can send an email to solve your credit card related query. Kindly send a mail to the below-given mail address:



Q: What are the types of Credit Cards in Canara bank?

A: Canara Credit Card is designed to meet your lifestyle with anything you might need to make your experience a sheer pleasure. No matter where you are across the world, luxury and comfort are always at hand. List of Canara Bank Credit Card:

1. VISA Classic Credit Card

2. Mastercard Standard Credit Card

3. Global Gold Credit Card

4. Corporate Credit Card

Q: What is the billing cycle on Canara Bank Credit Card?

A: Normally the Canara Bank credit card bill is generated on the following days:

1. For Canara Visa classic and Visa gold credit cards, bill date will generate on 20th of every month and the payment due date is 10th of the succeeding month.

2. For Canara Mastercard standard, Mastercard gold cards and Corporate cards, the bill date will generate on the last working day of the calendar month and payment due date is 20 the of the succeeding month.

Q: What is the maximum interest-free credit period in Canara Bank?

A: You can get up to 50 days interest-free with a Canara Bank credit card. So you have up to 50 days to make payments for your purchases in that billing month. The period will be determined according to the date of your transaction and the billing date. If you clear your bills in full, your interest-free period will continue. If you carry forward a balance, then the interest-free period lapses. Interest will be charged on the revolving amount as well as any subsequent purchases.

Q: How my Canara Bank Credit Card dues are informed?

A: Billing information is made available by email if you have registered your email id with the Bank.

  • You will also be informed by an SMS Alert about the billing amount and due date for payment of card dues to your registered mobile number.
  • You are requested to ensure that sufficient balance is made available in the designated account for a debt of the same on or after the due date.
  • Where sufficient balance is not available in the designated account for debiting the card dues, the account will be overdrawn.
  • The overdrawing is repayable within 15 days. The overdrawn amount attracts interest at Clean Rate of Interest which will be charged on the customer.

Q: What happens if my card dues are not paid by the due date?

A: You will not be permitted to use your Canara Credit Card until the card dues are paid in full. If the default is constant then your name may be referred to the Credit Rating Agency for inclusion in the negative list, which prevents any credit assistance from any financial institution. Legal Action would be initiated to recover the legitimate dues to the Bank.

Q: What are the benefits of Canara Bank credit cards?

A: Some of the key benefits and features Canara Bank credit cards are listed below:

  • United India insurance company offers mediclaim policies for Canara bank credit card holders.
  • Based on the type of credit card Canara bank providing insurance against accidental death of the cardholder.
  • Get cash when you need, with your Canara Bank credit card you can withdraw up to 50% of your credit limit.
  • Enjoy zero annual fees on all the Canara Bank credit cards.
  • Get a waiver on the 2.5% fuel surcharge on the purchase of fuel for Rs. 400 and above.
  • These cards are accepted around the world at all the merchant outlets and ATMs.
  • Spend on your card and avail of 20 and 50 days credit periods to make the payment.

Q: Whether any charge is payable where card dues are not paid on the due date?

A: Canara bank will collect service of charge of 2% + service tax on the balance outstanding plus applicable service tax is charged to the cardholder where card dues are not paid by the payment due date.

Q: What is skimming?

A: Skimming of a card means stealing the information embedded in the card. After stealing the information, a duplicate card would be produced by the fraudster and would be used without the knowledge of the cardholder. Hence it is advised that the cardholder should register their mobile number so that SMS alerts would inform to a registered mobile number of the transactions on his card number. If the cardholder finds any transaction unauthorized, he should contact the Bank on 1800 425 0018 and request for hotlisting the card immediately so that no further transaction can take place on the cloned/skimmed card.

Q: What are the features of Visa Classic Credit Card in Canara bank?

A: The Visa Classic Credit Card is a basic level credit card offered with standard facilities to meet the needs and wants of the customer. The salient features of a Visa Classic credit card are:

  • The minimum visa classic credit card limit offered is Rs 10,000.
  • The free credit time period is up to 50 days.
  • You can withdraw the cash in any Canara bank ATMs by using your credit card.
  • Earn 2 reward points on every Rs.100 spent. Each reward point carries a value of Rs. 0.25.
  • Canara bank provides a free insurance cover against all risk of death due to accident, loss of baggage while travelling and the liability occurred due to loss of card.
  • The sum insured for accidental death is Rs. 4 lakh and 2 lakh for self and spouse respectively.

Q: What is the minimum due payment on a Canara Bank credit card?

A: The minimum due amount is calculated as 5% of the total billed amount which you are spent from your credit limit. Canara Bank charges a minimum of Rs. 100 as the minimum due on any credit card bill. This must be paid by the due date to avoid penalties and other corrective action.

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